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Word. Worship. Care. Community. Mission. Multiply.

Living Hope Groups are at the center of Discipleship, Pastoral Care & Mission.

When Christ beckoned us to Himself, He simultaneously invited us into deep community with one another. At Living Hope, we embody this connection through small community groups. It is in this setting that we can really get to know others and be known by others.  

These groups of 5-10 people gather in homes throughout Kanawha and Teays Valley to study the word, practice care for one another, and help each other grow in the practice of our faith. It's in these groups that we deepen our roles in the mission of the church, and our faith, and multiplication. 


Sunday is where we learn the doctrines of our faith (orthordoxy). Groups are where, as a body of connected believers, we live out implementation that faith (orthopraxy). While anyone can be a part of a group, it's so important to spiritual health and growth that we require all church members to be part of a one.

We have plenty of good options below. 


Cross Lanes

MEETS  Sunday | 4PM


MEETS  Wednesday | 6PM


MEETS  Wednesday | 6:30PM

St. Albans

MEETS  Thursdays | 6PM

Scott Depot

MEETS  Thursdays | 7PM

On average groups meet between 2-4 times per month. You will receive the specifics upon signup.

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